A look at the 2018 Ram 1500

Over the years Ram trucks have established themselves as America’s longest-lasting pickup. The 2018 Ram 1500 continues to expand on this with durable steel bodies and trusted Hemi performance. The iconic Ram 1500 has established itself among consumers as the most reliable pickup on the market. Year-after-year more Ram trucks remain operational and on the road than any other pickup in the world. The Ram 1500 continues this legacy delivering the features and performance consumers have come to depend on.

Ram 1500 offers class leading ride and handling and is the only truck that comes equipped with unique link-coil rear suspension system with optional air suspension. Coil springs are standard on all Ram pickups. The coil spring suspension is a more sophisticated system that drastically improves handling and ride quality when compared to the outdated leaf-spring suspension that comes on other pickups.

Ram pickups also offer exclusive features that make Ram more versatile than any other truck on the road. For those looking for a little more fuel efficiency in their work truck, Ram 1500 is America’s most fuel efficient full-size pickup when equipped with the Ram exclusive EcoDiesel engine. For those looking for enhanced versatility the exclusive RamBox offers storage solutions unique to Ram pickups. The Ram 1500 will also be offered in 11 different trims in 2018.

Other class leading exclusive features being offered in the 2018 Ram 1500 include:

New for 2018

  • Ultra-luxurious Limited Tungsten edition
  • Sport model appearance upgrade
  • Factory-installed leather interior option on Rebel models
  • Premium Limited Tungsten model
  • 4-inch radios with 4G LTE, HD Radio, Android Auto, Apple Car Play, USB Flip, pinch to zoom and improved resolution
  • Sirius Guardian with SOS Call, Roadside Assistance, Remote Services, Send and Go, and Vehicle Finder
  • Remote exterior switch in truck bed to activate LED bed lights
  • Backup camera now standard on all models
  • Fleet Telematics Module for vehicle tracking efficiency

Exclusive to Ram 1500

A pickup is still used primarily as a work horse. We’re seeing that more people are turning to Ram when looking to purchase a reliable work truck. The 5.7-liter Hemi in the Ram 1500 packs enough horse-power to get any job done. Ram towing capacity is largely dependent on engine size, but when properly outfitted the V8 Ram 1500 is rated at up to 10,650lbs according to Motor Trend.

The Ram 1500 is a best buy for 2017 according to consumer reports. One reason is the best in class fuel economy with the HFE Eco-Diesel that produces 29mpg. Another reason is the Ram exclusive diesel engine in their light duty pickups. Diesel is fast becoming a popular option for people looking to maximize fuel efficiency without sacrificing power.

Unique to Ram pickups is the RamBox option, an optional large lockable cargo bin built into the top edges of the cargo-bed walls. Full time four-wheel drive is also a major selling point especially in the Pacific Northwest where four-wheel drive is often essential to managing our unique landscapes.

Aluminum Bodies vs Steel

Ford recently moved toward aluminum bodies while Ram has no plans of integrating aluminum until after 2020. While these aluminum bodies are great for helping pickups meet the new regulations set forth by the EPA on fuel standards, aluminum has been reported as less than ideal for work conditions by consumer reports. Many consumers have posted complaints recently on the durability and sustainability of aluminum vs steel. Paint problems and premature corrosion seem to be a common occurrence with aluminum bodied Fords. Consumers also report that the bodies of these aluminum trucks damage significantly easier than steel bodies do, and the repair costs of aluminum are several thousand dollars more than steel.

Industry Leading Infotainment System

One of the major highlights for 2018 is the industry leading Uconnect 8.4” infotainment system. The Uconnect infotainment system offers voice command and Bluetooth technology that allows the user to make phone calls or browse their media with simple vocal commands. Uconnect also offers Voice Texting allowing drivers to listen to their text messages and dictate their responses without ever having to take their hands off the wheel, or their eyes off the road.

The Ram Truck brand is the industry standard for trucks that are proven to last. Hard working Americans depend on reliable work horses to get the job done. When you buy a Ram pickup you know you’re getting a truck that was engineered for your specific needs. Ram has long been the front runner when it comes to the options that matter most to truck owners.

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